Check our Calendar at the bottom of this page often for livestock deliveries, event information, Holiday operating hours and upcoming sales and promotions.

PLEASE NOTE: We will not have pre-ordered chickens over the next four weeks. Our 2023 orders will be posted by the end of January.

However, we're still able to get chickens so if anyone is interested in getting chickens, please call the store and tell us what you need and we will try to get them for you. Thank You!

After January the orders shown in our calendar have been placed but we special order any breed, just let us know what you want!

  • Orders are received on Thursdays
  • All chicken orders are Pullets (Females)
  • The following are straight run only (not sexed):

***HATCHERY CHOICE SILKIE BANTAMS - we carry Feather Leg and Clean Leg

***HATCHERY CHOICE CRESTED POLISH - White, Red or Blue Polish, Buff Laced, Golden Laced, Silver Laced and Sultan

***GUINEAS - available June to September - Lavender, Pearl, Pied or White

***TURKEYS are available April to August. Minimum order is 10 - Black, Bourbon Red, Chocolate, Midget White, Standard Bronze, Royal Palm


***GEESE - available Feb. to June - African, Brown Chinese, White Chinese

***DUCKLINGS - Indian Runners mainly but ask about other breeds!