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See Important Information below the calendar for chicken and other live stock deliveries.

Please Note:

The orders shown in our calendar have been placed but we special order any breed, just let us know what you want!

  • Orders are received on Thursdays
  • All chicken orders are Pullets (Females)
  • The following are straight run only (not sexed):

***HATCHERY CHOICE SILKIE BANTAMS - we carry Feather Leg and Clean Leg

***HATCHERY CHOICE CRESTED POLISH - White, Red or Blue Polish, Buff Laced, Golden Laced, Silver Laced and Sultan

***GUINEAS - available June to September - Lavender, Pearl, Pied or White

***TURKEYS are available April to August. Minimum order is 10 - Black, Bourbon Red, Chocolate, Midget White, Standard Bronze, Royal Palm


***GEESE - available Feb. to June - African, Brown Chinese, White Chinese

***DUCKLINGS - Indian Runners mainly but ask about other breeds!