Let's Have a Look at What Makes Winkley's Different

The Store

The success of Winkley's General Store has been no mistake. Our owner, Chris Winkley, grew up around business and has been a part of it his entire life. Joseph Winkley, grandfather to Chris, came to the Austin area in the early 1940's and began the Winkley business trend. Starting with the very first Pontiac dealership in Austin, he then followed that up with a bowling alley, restaraunt, and even a used car parts shop on Congress Ave.

Chris's father, Bill Winkley, wasted no time and also got down to business. In 1968, he opened Winkley's Auto Parts-Hardware on Burnet Road which then eventually moved to Cedar Park in '71. Chris Winkley started his own business debut with a bait and tackle stand branching off of his father's auto parts store in 1980. He sold the stand to his brother in 1982, and then went back to work there in 1991 until the opening of Winkley's General Store in 2003.

When Winkley's General Store opened, we started with close to nothing, but as the Liberty Hill community around us grew, we grew with it. Our first major addition to store started with the expansion of the feed and hay building in 2006, and after its late success, the East Mezzanine and West Mezzanine followed in 2010 and 2016 respectively.

Winkley's General Store has been open and a part of the community since July 27th, 2003. WGS is a family-owned business and will always keep the values of family at heart. Providing quality products to our customers, with service that makes everyone feel welcome and taken care of, is, and will always continue to be, our main goal here as we grow with our surrounding community.

Here's Just Three of the Many Reasons Our Customers Love Us!


Despite having a vast selection of thousands of products on hand in our store, we at Winkley's dedicate ourselves to making sure our products are in tip-top shape and always ready for our customers. From feed to apparel, and everything in between, we are constantly monitoring and improving our wares! 


Every sales business claims that customers are important to them, but here at Winkley's, our customers are also our friends and family. We strive for an environment where everyone and anyone can walk out feeling 100% satisfied and confident with the knowledge and product they gained from us.          


Who says country and technology can't mix? We are in development of curb-side purchasing and online ordering to make our customer's trip to Winkley's easy and fast but without losing that hometown feel. For us, to be at the top of tech doesn't take away from our country roots, but allows us to better fulfill your needs!

Chris Winkley  

Winkley's General Store Owner  & Founder

Since founding Winkley's in 2003, Chris has strived to build a true "one-stop-shop" that provides for and serves the loyal Liberty Hill community. When not at Winkley's, Chris enjoys fishing, spending time with family, and watching baseball.

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