Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we get. If we didn't manage to answer your question here, please call, send us a message or stop by the store and ask!

General Questions

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 What is Winkley's? We are a local business located in Liberty Hill, Texas striving to supply our customers with top notch customer service and quality products. We sell hardware, gardening supplies, feed and hay, outdoor sporting equipment, and much more! Our employees are trained to be able to help you with a variety of different questions and situations, so come on in!
Are you hiring? We are always taking applications for positions in our store! To apply, come in and ask one of our cashiers for an application form to fill out, or go to our Facebook page and fill in an application there.
How  fast do you respond on social mega or by e-mail? If you send us a question over social media or email and never receive a response, call in to the store so we can get an employee to answer the question right away! We typically respond to online questions within 1-2 business days, but calling the store will be the fastest way to get your questions answered.

 Business Questions

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 What are Winkley's Hours?
We are open Monday - Saturday 7am - 8pm, and on Sundays 8am - 7pm.
Do your hours change on Holiday? We do have special hours for some holidays. We are closed on Christmas and Easter, but our other holiday hours vary. For more information on our special hours, please see our schedule here, or like and follow us on Facebook here
I make clothing, would I be able to sell my items through Winkley's? We can indeed take locally made items and sell them for consignment. For details on how the process works, call our store or come in and ask a cashier to set something up. Each item is evaluated on a case-by-case basis and will depend on our buyer.
What forms of payment do you accept? We take most forms of debit and credit cards as well as cash payments! We only take local checks with valid Texas driver licenses, and we do not take payments over the phone.

Item Questions

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 Do you have chickens? Chicks are one of our most popular items! We get a new shipment of chicks every Thursday at 11am. If we know what type of chicks will be available, we will have it listed on our calendar here. Our regular shipment of chicks are first come, first served, and usually sell out by the weekend. Please call or come in to the store if you would like to special order chicks.
I need to replace/fix an item, but I'm not sure how. Would you be able to help me? Yes! We have very knowledgeable employees across a wide variety of fields to assist you with what you need. The best way to get accurate information and assistance is to either bring in the item you are need to be replaced or fixed, or take pictures of what is needed.
When do new items arrive at Winkley's? We receive shipments for most items on a weekly basis. We are constantly on the lookout for the highest quality items to sell to our customers and we update our stock regularly. If you have a specific item you are looking for but we don't have it, feel free to ask or create a special order so we can get what you need!
Do you have Stock Tanks? We always try to! With such popular demand, we are constantly receiving shipments to keep them in stock. Our most popular stock tanks are galvanized and round, but we carry a variety of other materials and sizes as well.
Can I order items online? We are bringing online ordering and curbside pickup for a selection of items very soon! Subscribe to our email list down below and follow us on Facebook here for updates.

Special Ordering

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What items can I special order? Almost all of our items in the store are able to be specially ordered! We can also special order chicks and feed not normally in stock. Just call into the store and use extension 3 to ask about our special orders!
How does special ordering work? To start an order, either come into the store, or call in to our store. We will take information on the item, as well as your contact information, and either give you the price and time of pick up if the items are available, or give the price and estimated delivery time once we are able to get the relevant information from our vendors. All special orders must be prepaid in the store before delivery, we cannot take payments over the phone. We will have online payments coming soon!
How long does it take for items to come in? Delivery time depends completely on the item, but most items take approximately 1-2 weeks to arrive. Certain big-ticket items may take longer. Information on those items will be given during the ordering process.
I called-in to order an item, but never received order information.  If you came into the store or called in to set up an order, we will normally have information back to you within 1-3 business days. If it has been longer than 3 business days and you still have not received information, please call into the store to ask on the status of the order.
Do you deliver items? As of now, we do our delivery solely with the assistance of trusted third-parties. We will be bringing delivery for certain items in the near future, so stay tuned! To get items delivered, call into the store and we can get you connected.